System of vertical distribution is probably the most popular.

The fastening method of the aluminium composite panels suggested by the ALUCOBOND TRAY (Hooked on Bolts) system manufacturer is the best way to meet the architectural aesthetic requirement of the hidden fixation.

The system consists of holders and a U-shaped profile held by them, in which stainless steel bars are inserted during the preparation of the profiles. The bars are fixed with special “star retainers” that allow them to move. This way, the framework is able to move under high wind or heat loads without causing system strain and deformation.

The cassettes are suspended/ fixated on milled “ears” in their bends. When the cassette is placed on the rods, it can move freely during the expansion with the help of sliding rods.

The maximum size of the cassettes, the intervals of the “ears”, the amount and types of the stiffness and additional reinforcement of the inserts are selected according to the report of the Constructions Calculation Program, taking into account set wind load and architectural sizes of the cassettes. However, whatever they would be, for example, the cassette of 1.20 * 4.50m can be hung when a load of as much as 2.6-3.0kN.


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