Using the certified system SZ-20 of interlocking S and Z profile it is possible to produce horizontal distribution CASSETTE TYPE elements for the FACADES of the highest quality.

According to the design with S and Z profiles principle SZ 20 panel cassettes can be installed very quickly and easily (tongue and groove principle).

The maximum width of the horizontal and vertical gap between the cassettes elements is 20 mm.

The minimum width of the horizontal and vertical gap depends on the length of the elements and the building works conditions, as well as the architectural vision itself.

Mounting principles:

The Z-SHAPED PROFILE mounted on the top part of the cassette is attached to the FRAMEOWRK profile with stainless steel screws.

The S-SHAPED PROFILE at the bottom of the cassette fits easily on the Z-SHAPED PROFILE (cassette) attached below. To prevent wind noise between horizontal sections, plastic clips (MO 2061) are recommended to be used at a distance of approx. 1 m. Vertically arranged U-sections are not attached to the SUPPORTING framework construction.

To ensure thermal expansion due to temperature changes, holes oblong to the fixation must be milled in the side mounting of the Z-profile depending on the length of the element.

At low wind loads SZ 20 panel cassettes can be attached into the framework’s vertical support profiles at a sufficiently large distance (in the intervals of every 1.20-1.60 m), at the same time optimizing the number of holders in the wall structure, accordingly reducing the amount of cold bridges and relative price of the construction for 1m2.

The maximum size of element/product depends on the wind load. However, even a wind load of 2.20kN allows the use of cassettes of, for example, 750 * 4300mm, in facades.


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